Expo Services

Expo Services

For trade show exhibitors, timing is crucial – a missed deadline means missed opportunities. With specialist site-appointed expo teams in over 20 of the world’s major exhibition centers, BSM is a recognized market leader in expo services. From planning, packing and set-up to on-site management, forwarding and storage, BSM can handle all your exhibition needs.

  • A complete service – planning, packing, forwarding, customs clearance, set-up, storage and return or forwarding.
  • Truly global – we can host expo operations anywhere in the world.
  • User friendly – a convenient, single point of contact.

Our global IT platform for total service transparency and effortless control.
Control – the global operations system for air, ocean and surface is a single worldwide platform for data integrity.

  • Orders – the purchase order management system allows you to transmit, manage and expedite purchase orders in real time.
  • Assets – fully integrated with the other components in the BSM suite, our inventory management system creates global virtual warehouse visibility.
  • BSM provides full visibility of your shipment, movement to warehousing and onward dispatch to your customer.

Value Added Services

  • Inland Transportation
  • Packing, un/repacking
  • Warehouse Facilities
  • International Transport
  • On-Site hand delivery
  • Storage of empties
  • On-site assistance
  • Customs clearances
  • Consulate visa and administration formalities
  • Insurance

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