Integrated Logistics

Integrated Logistics

Integrated Supply Chain Solution – Today, supply chain management is acknowledged as a powerful, often decisive, competitive advantage in its own right. With over 400,000 square meters of facilities located at strategic logistics hubs around the world, we’re always in the right place to manage your distribution requirements.
Individual Solution – Every business is different and each supply chain unique. So, for BSM, it is never simply a case of applying a standard solution. For each project, a team of experts taken from both our logistics and international transport units analyze inventories, customer demographics and market characteristics to create the right logistics solutions for your business.
Beyond Logistics – From standard pick and pack operations to kitting, assembly and postponement hubs, if you ever find yourself wanting for time or resources, BSM is ready to manage the process on your behalf.

Our global IT platform for total service transparency and effortless control.
Control – the global operations system for air, ocean and surface is a single worldwide platform for data integrity.

  • Orders – the purchase order management system allows you to transmit, manage and expedite purchase orders in real time.
  • Assets – fully integrated with the other components in the BSM suite, our inventory management system creates global virtual warehouse visibility.
  • BSM provides full visibility of your shipment, movement to warehousing and onward dispatch to your customer.

An inventory management technique designed to intensify supply chain efficiencies using a logistics model dictated by market forecasts rather than manufacturing capacity.

  • A dynamic supply chain – adaptable, direct and proactive supply chain management
  • Shortened cycle lengths – minimizes repeat deliveries to cut costs and prevent oversupply
  • Fewer fixed assets – minimizes warehousing infrastructures and operational overheads
  • Reduced freight costs – fewer units to transport means lower transit costs
  • Improved stock control – reduces damaged inventory and obsolete product mountains

Merge-in-Transit is the pre-consolidation of multi-component shipments at established merge points located strategically in the supply chain.

  • Reduce storage costs – foregoes assembly overheads and warehousing costs
  • Extra control – improves supply chain versatility and visibility
  • Cut transit costs – eliminates superfluous transport routes
  • Revolutionary customer service – a single time definite delivery

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